Do you fancy a career in the beauty industry?


The beauty industry is changing…

There are few professions in the world that have evolved over the years at a speed matching that of the beauty industry. The industry has grown so quickly with new services being introduced every day that some find it hard to keep up. For some it can make for providing an up to date offering difficult, however, it’s a challenge we love at Faith Elder Beauty Academy, where we take pride in offering quality courses at affordable prices.

A flexible working approach

The beauty industry has lots to offer in terms of career prospects over the course of your employment. There are so many opportunities to find a niche that you love and become a specialist in that given area. Also, the industry provides people who have a desire for flexible working to consider working from home or opening up their own premises.

A passion for learning

At the academy Faith teaches all the courses and has a passion for sharing her knowledge and training with others. Faith is also a qualified assessor and encourages students to complete their portfolio’s to the highest standards.

Faith likes to challenge students to rediscover their own passion for learning by teaching using different methods such as theory, multiple choice questions, roleplay, and hands on experience.

How long will it take to train as a beauty therapist?

For those who want to be a part of the beauty industry, you can now become a qualified beauty therapist within a period of less than three months! Now that’s speedy work! As long as you are prepared to put in hard work and practice, practice, practice!

What types of training do we offer?

We can help you to fulfil your beauty career ambitions with a range of courses including:


  • Make Up
  • Facial Treatments
  • Gel Nails
  • Manicures
  • Eyelash Perming
  • Eye treatments
  • Eyelash extensions
  • Hot wax removal
  • Lash Extensions

What type of skills/traits will help you succeed in the beauty industry?

  • A friendly and welcoming manner coupled with the ability to put clients at ease
  • The ability to listen and communicate well
  • A high standard of personal hygiene and grooming – it is important to practice what you preach!
  • Stamina is important as you may be on your feet for most of the day
  • Some knowledge of chemistry, anatomy and human biology will prove useful to help you understand procedures but is not essential
  • An artistic flair for applying nail art and different make ups/eye treatments
  • Determination to be the best, you want clients to come back to you!

We are making no false promises to you about the industry. It’s tough, but so satisfying to be able to pamper people. There is nothing more satisfying that a happy customer! We would encourage you to follow your dream career and join us at Faith Elder Beauty Academy where we put you at the heart of everything we do.